Placement in ECB Writing Practicum or Transfer Writing Practicum is determined by portfolios, which students are required to submit prior to their orientation. All entering LS&A students and all students required by their program must submit a portfolio. After evaluating the portfolio, the ECB notifies academic units of their students' placements, and the academic unit counselors convey the information to the students. Freshpersons may receive the following placements: ECB Writing Practicum, Introductory Composition, Introductory Composition with Writing Workshop, Exempt with Writing Workshop or Exemption. Transfer students receive placements of Transfer Writing Practicum, English 220, Exemption with Writing Workshop, or Exemption.

Those students placed in ECB practicums must enroll in an ECB course as the first part of their writing requirement. No substitute will satisfy the College writing requirement.

ECB Practicum courses meet for 2 hours twice a week: in addition each student has a required weekly half hour conference with the instructor. To enroll in the ECB course, students should select a section compatible with their schedule from the Time Schedule, from updated course lists at department counseling offices, or from the corrected LS&A Time Schedule outside 1213 Angell Hall. Students should register for their selected section at CRISP.

Any student who fails to attend the first class meeting and has not notified the instructor or department in writing may be dropped from the class by action of the instructor or department. At the same time, students are responsible for their own schedules and must process all drops through CRISP.

Students who receive the placement of Exemption with Writing Workshop come to the ECB Writing Workshop, 1025 Angell Hall, during their first term of enrollment to receive writing instruction before being certified for Exemption. No student with a Mandatory Writing Workshop placement may graduate without certification.

Students are welcome to visit the ECB office at 1025 Angell Hall to discuss their writing assessment test or to ask for course information.

See the introduction to this Course Guide for information about the LS&A Junior/Senior Writing Requirement and for a list of those courses approved by the ECB for satisfaction of that requirement.

104. Writing Practicum. ECB Assessment. IIIa. (2). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit. (TUTORIAL). May be elected for a total of four credits for any combination of ECB 100-105.

ECB Practicum 104 is a two (2) credit course offered May 4 - June 20. Students are placed into Practicum on the basis of their portfolio. ECB 104 has a maximum of 16 students who meet with their instructor four hours each week in class and once a week in half hour individual conferences. The writing instruction is designed to meet individual needs. At the end of the seven weeks, each student puts together a portfolio which is read and evaluated by two ECB lecturers. On the basis of writing skills demonstrated in the portfolio, practicum students are assigned to the appropriate level of College writing program.

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