Courses in Women's Studies (Division 497)

110. Practical Feminism. (1). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit.
Section 101 Women and War.
In this course, we will explore ideas of what feminist perspectives on war and militarism might be in our post-Cold War world. First, we'll look at representation of women in war and of war itself in literature. Next, we'll evaluate theoretical arguments about women, war, and the military. Finally, we'll examine women soldiers' experiences of war and of the military establishment. A few of the voices we'll hear will be men's, but mostly women will tell their own stories and speak their own minds. Throughout, we'll look for commonalities and differences in the ways that women of many cultures and conditions approach this difficult subject. A lively and informed class discussion is vital to our exploration, so class participation will weigh heavily in my evaluation of your work. Other requirements will be one 5-page paper, and one class presentation on a week's reading. Cost:2 WL:1 (Sitomer)

336/CAAS 336. Black Women in America. (3). (Excl).

See CAAS 336. (Patterson)

481(480). Special Topics. WS 240 or permission of instructor. (1). (Excl). Degree credit is granted for a combined total of 7 credits elected through WS 480, 481, 482, 483, and 484.
Section 101 Women in the People's Republic of China.
This mini-course introduces Chinese women's experiences from the socialist construction of the 1950s to the market economy of the 1990s. Topics include: vast differences between rural and urban women's lives; "women can hold up half of the sky" gender equality as a state policy; the 1950's Marriage Law; the Great Leap Forward women as a force of social production; the antirightist campaign; the Cultural Revolution and urban young women "settling down" in the countryside; individual freedom and the discourse of femininity in the post-Mao era; the one-child policy; gender discrimination in the market economy; and the role of the All-China Women's Federation. Cost:2 WL:1 (Zheng)

Independent Study/Directed Reading

The Program in Women's Studies offers several options for independent study/directed reading.

Directed Reading. Women's Studies 385, 386, 387 (1-3). (Excl). (INDEPENDENT).

Offer advanced Women's Studies students an opportunity to purpose independent, interdisciplinary projects.

385 has prerequisites of Women's Studies 100 or 240, one 300-level Women's Studies course, and permission of instructor. 386 has prerequisite of Women's Studies 385. 387 has prerequisite of Women's Studies 386.

441. Honors Research Tutorial. (1). (Excl). (TUTORIAL).

Prerequisites: Women's Studies 240. Prepares second term junior Women's Studies concentrators to write an Honors thesis. Students choose a thesis topic before beginning this tutorial. They then work independently with an appropriate faculty member to develop the research skills specific to their topics (e.g., analytic, library, or computer skills). By the end of the term students should have a well-defined research design and the skills to carry it out. Requirement: a short written thesis prospectus.

490 and 491. Honors Thesis. (2-4). (Excl). (INDEPENDENT).

Prerequisite: Senior Honors Women's Studies concentrators. Provides Women's Studies Honors concentrators an opportunity for independent study under close supervision from their faculty advisor while preparing an Honors thesis.

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