Courses in American Culture (Division 315)

Unless otherwise stated, the permission required for the repetition for credit of specifically designated courses is that of the student's concentration or B.G.S. advisor.

210. Topics in Ethnic Studies. (3). (SS). May be repeated for credit with permission.
Section 201 Race, Culture, and Politics in Two New World African Communities.
This course will trace the histories of African Diaspora communities in the United States and the English-speaking Caribbean after the abolition of slavery. It will examine closely the growth and transformation of African-American religious traditions, the evolution of ideologies of resistance, the problem of work after Emancipation and under Jim Crow, and struggles for political and economic rights. The course will also raise and perhaps answer more general questions about the construction and production of communal identities, the contingency of historical narratives, and the relation of history to political struggle. This will be an interdisciplinary and multimedia course. Students will be expected to participate actively in intensive seminar-style discussions about the course materials. Students will also produce two papers and complete a final exam. Cost:2 WL:2 (Buffington, Theoharis)

240/Women's Studies 240. Introduction to Women's Studies. Open to all undergraduates. (3). (HU).

See Women's Studies 240.

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