Courses in Sociology (Division 482)

389. Practicum in Sociology. Permission of instructor. Up to 4 credits may be included in a concentration plan in Sociology. (2-4). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit. Laboratory fee ($23) required. (EXPERIENTIAL). May be repeated for a total of 8 credits.
Section 027 Playing to Grow: A Creative Intervention with Migrant Worker Children in Michigan.
This class will offer students a unique opportunity to integrate theory and practice as they learn the theory and methods of an innovative psychological intervention called Playing to Grow which we will implement with children of Mexican and Mexican-American migrant labor workers in nearby Michigan communities. During the Spring Term, half of our class time will be spent on discussions of psychological and sociological readings focused on the social, political, historical, and psychological experiences of migrant, immigrant, and refugee populations; in addition, there will be an emphasis on theories of child development and creative approaches to clinical intervention with children. The second half of each class during the Spring Term will be spent learning experientially the various activities and techniques of the Playing to Grow intervention. We will use methods of dramatization such as role plays and sociodrama, different art techniques such as individual and collective drawings as well as collage, collective story making, and a variety of fun, trust-building group games and activities. Considerable time will be spent reflecting on the purpose and method of each activity. During the Summer Term, students will lead Playing to Grow workshops with groups of children in migrant worker camps. There will be opportunities to learn basic research skills required to evaluate the effects of an intervention of this type. Requirements include a weekly journal, two papers, and a strong commitment to actively participate in all class discussions and activities. WL:1 (Pedraza)

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