Courses in Political Science (Division 450)

Primarily for First and Second Year Students

111. Introduction to American Politics. (4). (SS).

This course examines a range of topics under the broad heading of government and politics in the United States. We will begin by examining the theoretical frameworks of American government, with emphasis on the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Following this, we will look at American politics at the level of individual citizens and political institutions, paying particular attention to the ways in which the two are linked. Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to) public opinion, elections, interest groups, Congress, and the presidency. We will strive to understand the ways in which the political system works effectively, and the ways in which it does not. Some lecture will be involved, but the course will be primarily discussion-oriented. Although this is not a current events course, we will often use current events to motivate our discussions. Students will be expected to keep up with reading assignments and participate in class discussions. Grades will be determined on the basis of class participation, midterm and final examinations, and one 8-10 page paper. Cost:3 WL:1 (Bernstein)

160. Introduction to World Politics. (4). (SS).

This course will introduce students to the fundamental issues of international relations. The course will familiarize the students with the main theories that help us to understand the behavior of states in the international arena. These theories will then be applied to explain a number of important issue-areas of world politics.

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