Residential College Courses

Most RC courses are open to LS&A students and may be used to meet distribution requirements.


Residential College students are given priority in all Residential College courses during the pre-registration and registration periods, and from wait lists. RC courses which fulfill specific Residential College graduation requirement are reserved for RC students only (e.g., RC language courses).

Wait lists of Residential College courses are maintained in the Residential College Counseling Office, 134 Tyler, East Quad. When a course fills, students should contact the RC Counseling Office (747-4359) to be placed on a wait list if one is being maintained.

Natural Science (Division 875)

232. History of Life. (4). (NS). (BS).

This course surveys the history of life through geologic time and introduces biological diversity from the perspectives of evolutionary biology and ecology. Factual content focuses on the historical development of life on earth as known from the fossil record and the diversity, ecology, and adaptations of living organisms. Principles and concepts of historical geology, evolutionary biology, and ecology form the conceptual core of the course. Subjects include earth history, origin of life, origins of species and major groups, constraints on the design of organisms, controls on biological diversity, extinction and the current loss of biodiversity, climate and evolution, and human evolution. Also, we will discuss the implications of earth history and evolution for conservation, nature vs. nurture in human behavior, and the ethical treatment of other species. Weekly field trips will demonstrate the biodiversity of organisms, habitats, and ecosystems. There will be several written exercises, frequent writings in class, a field project, midterm and a final. Texts: The Book of Life, edited by Stephen Jay Gould; The Diverse of Life by E.O.Wilson, and a small course pack. (Badgley)

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