Courses in Theatre and Drama (Division 695)

172(235). Movement I. Permission of instructor. (2). (Excl).
Section 101 Posture & Moving in Arts & Business.
Based on the Alexander Technique, this class will examine movement fundamentals pertinent to the artist or the businessperson. These fundamentals are: posture as whole body movement, effort in relation to freedom of movement/body maintenance, and a working knowledge of anatomy in relation to muscular and skeletal structure. The objective of the class is to provide the students with an accurate working knowledge of the body and to begin the process of re-patterning random postural and stressful movement patterns that are not consistent with the natural balance and organization of the body. The primary source is a first-person study of the student's own kinesthetic pattern. Photo records are combined with anatomy and movement texts to further enhance the student's understanding of freedom of movement. Certified Alexander Instructor. (Schwiebert)

399. Topics in Drama. (1-3). (Excl).
Section 101 Scene and Light Production Video. (3 credits).
For Spring Term, 1996, this section is offered jointly with Theatre and Drama 505.101. (Decker)

505. Special Work in Theatre Production and Performance. Permission of instructor. (1-3). (Excl). (INDEPENDENT).
Section 101 Scene and Lighting Production: Video. (3 credits).
This class offers lecture and demonstration covering current industry standard construction, finishing, and painting. A hands-on lab allows students to design, build, and paint a video setting. The class then moves to a studio for installation and lighting of the students' sets for the taping of a short production segment. Students enrolled in Communication, Film and Video Studies, School of Art, and Theatre and Drama are encouraged to take this class. Other students are welcome. (Decker)

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