Summer Language Institute

The 1997 University of Michigan Summer Language Institute (SLI) offers courses in Business Arabic, Dutch, Egyptian Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, and Tamil. The language courses are directed and taught by faculty from the Departments of Asian Languages and Cultures, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Near East Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures, and Slavic Languages and Literatures. Administrative support is provided by the International Institute.

Teaching at SLI is proficiency-oriented and aims to develop four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and aural comprehension. Each course is designed to teach language within a cultural and social context, so that students deepen their knowledge of the relevant country as they develop language skills. Enthusiastic class participation is expected; placement tests during orientation and oral proficiency interviews at the end of each course are highly encouraged.

All courses will be supplemented by an extra-curricular program of lectures, films, language tables, excursions to local cultural centers, and an orientation on the use of research facilities at UM. For course descriptions, please refer to the departmental listings.

Spring Half-Term Courses: May 5-June 24

French 101, 102, 231 and 232

German 100 and 111

Italian 101 and 231

Spanish 101, 102, 231 and 232

Summer Half-Term Courses: June 26-August 19

Arabic 409/410 and Egyptian Arabic 415/416

Dutch 111/112 (Grad 511/512)

French 101, 102, 231 and 232

German 101, 112, 230, 232, 351

South and South East Asian Languages: Hindi 365, Hindi 366, Sanskrit 369, Tamil 373 and Tamil 374

Italian 102 and 232

Russian 103, 203, 303 and 403

Spanish 101, 102, 231 and 232

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