Courses in Theatre and Drama (Division 695)

Spring 1997

172(235). Movement I. Permission of instructor. (2). (Excl).

Based on Alexander Technique, this class examines movement fundamentals pertinent to the artist or the business person: posture as whole body movement, effort in relation to freedom of movement/body maintenance, and a working knowledge of anatomy in relation to muscular and skeletal structure. Class objective is to provide students with an accurate working knowledge of the body and to begin the process of re-patterning random postural and stressful movement patterns inconsistent with the natural balance and organization of the body. Photo records are combined with anatomy and movement texts to further enhance the student's understanding of freedom of movement. WL:4 (Schwiebert)

399. Topics in Drama. (1-3). (Excl).
Section 101- The Saint Plays: Collaborative Theatre Lab.
This course is structured as a rehearsal lab for theatrical exploration of The Saint Plays, a series of very short plays by Erik Ehn. Students are involved in all aspects of production: research, rehearsal exploration, design, publicity, and ultimately performance. The focus is on the collaborative process of making a theatre piece that is poetic, imagistic, inventive, multidisciplinary, and multi-layered incorporating maskwork, puppetry, music, and dance. The playwright will be in residence for part of the process and guest artists will form an integral part of the ensemble. Students from all the arts are encouraged to take this course. Cost:1 WL:4, Admission to class by interview, only. Call 764-5350 for details. (Andonyadis)

452. Costume Construction. (Excl).

This course investigates the basic hand and machine sewing techniques and skills used in the construction of theatrical costumes. Introduction to costume shop equipment is followed by the learning of fundamental construction skills. Student work will include specific stitching and construction projects to enable students to work on Theatre Department productions. Grading will by evaluation of construction projects and class participation. Cost:1 WL:4 (Marsh)

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