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Near Eastern Studies

Ancient Civilizations and Biblical Studies (ACABS) (Division 314)




Spring Half-Term, 1998 (May 5-June 23, 1998)

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121(ABS 120)/Rel. 121. Introduction to the Tanakh/Old Testament. (3). (HU).

This course is designed to introduce the student to the modern study of the Old Testament or Tanakh (no prerequisites). Lectures and readings will focus on ancient Israel's religion, literature, and history and their contribution to modern Western civilization. The approach will be literary, historical, and critical, using methods employed by scholars of different religious persuasions. ACABS 121 is designed to challenge the student with a series of questions and issues often ignored or neglected in spite of the widespread use of the Bible today. The course grade will be based upon daily assignments, attendance, and quizzes (20%), two major examinations (a midterm (40%), and a final (40%); the exams are NOT cumulative). The required texts are the "Revised Standard Version" of the Old Testament or the Jewish Publication Society's "Tanakh," and a course pack. Cost:2 WL:1 (Schmidt)
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291. Topics in Ancient Civilizations and Biblical Studies. (3). (Excl).
Section 102 Paul and Revelation. Have you ever wondered what the life and career of Paul, one of the first Christian missionaries, must have been like? Have you ever considered what challenges the early Christians faced as they spread the word of their savior throughout the Roman Empire? Have you ever read the Revelation to John and wondered how it relates to Paul's writings or the other books of the New Testament? In this course, we will concentrate on the life settings of both Paul and John in an attempt to understand their respective writings in their historical contexts. To achieve this understanding, we will learn and apply modern interpretative techniques to these influential works. There will be two papers (4-6 pp), a midterm and a final exam. Cost:2 WL:4 (Sullivan)
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Summer Half-Term, 1998 (June 29-August 18, 1998)

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Spring/Summer Term, 1998 (May 5-August 18, 1998)

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