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Courses in Theatre and Drama (Division 695)

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Spring Half-Term, 1998 (May 5-June 23, 1998)

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Summer Half-Term, 1998 (June 29-August 18, 1998)

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423/English 449. American Theatre and Drama. (3). (HU).
Section 201 Before O'Neill/After Shepard.
This survey course will examine the origin and development of U.S. Drama in the twentieth century. Beginning with playwrights like O'Neill, Glaspell, Rice, Odets, and Treadwell, the class will focus on the interrelationship of U.S. culture in American Drama and American Drama in U.S. culture, especially as it manifests itself in the mid-century plays of Miller, Williams, and Hellman. Topics of class discussion will include: the emergence of a nativist theater tradition, the role of ethnicity, the situation of the female playwright, the conflict between commercial and artistic values, and the move to a more pluralistic and inclusive theater, one in which previously marginalized voices move to center stage. Additional playwrights on the reading list include Hansberry, Albee, Mamet, Shepard, Fornes, Lanford Wilson, Kushner, Wang, and August Wilson. Cost:3 (Brater)
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Spring/Summer Term, 1998 (May 5-August 18, 1998)

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