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Humanities (Division 865)




Spring Half-Term, 1998 (May 5-June 23, 1998)

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485. Special Drama Topics. Sophomore standing. (1-2). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit. May be repeated for a total of four credits.
Section 001 Early English Drama: The York Cycle. (1 credit).
The course will focus on the earliest and most complete of the English cycles of Mystery Plays, that staged in the northern city of York from the late 14th to the mid 16th century. Reading of select plays from this Creation-to-Doomsday Cycle (in Richard Beadle's York Mystery Plays: A Selection in Modern Spelling), together with some scene-work and iconographical research within the Cycle, will lead to a thorough dramaturgical analysis and production design for a pageant-wagon staging of Abraham and Isaac and The Dream of Pilate's Wife two plays which will be taken to Toronto as part of the University of Toronto's presentation of the entire York Cycle in late June. Students in the mini-course will contribute in some fashion to these realizations of early English drama and may be invited to join in the production and the trip to the Toronto festival.
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