Spring/Summer Course Guide

The Spring/Summer Course Guide in PDF Format


Do Not Print the Whole Course Guide by Accident

The Course Guide is approximatly 75 pages long. Not only will this take around 8 minutes to print, but it will almost completely deplete your ITD printing allowance for the month. If you want to print out a few pages, make sure to set the "Pages" or "Print Range" option in the "Print" dialogue box.

On a Macintosh

Using Netscape PluginPrint Dialogue BoxUsing Acrobat Reader

On Windows 95/NT

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To get more information about how best to print out individual descriptions, go to our Printing Help page.

The PDF file is Out-Dated

This PDF file was created using the descriptions which were recieved at the Academic Information and Publications office as of March 2. For the most up-to-date descriptions, see the division's html Course Guide page. The Course Guide pages are updated as we recieve updates from departments. Late descriptions are maintained in whatsNew.F98.

Enough warnings already, let me get the file!

  1. Make sure that you have Adobe® Acrobat Reader 3.0 (The Campus Computing Sites has this software already installed.)
    The file will not be viewable with older versions. Acrobat 3.0 files have a much faster download time due to page-at-a-time online viewing of the PDF file (via the Netscape plugin). You may have to restart your computer after downloading and installing Acrobat Reader.

  2. View it online
    If you have the Acrobat plugin installed (part of the Reader installation), you can click on the PDF file link at the bottom of the page and Netscape/Internet Explorer will load the plugin and then load the first page of the Course Guide. The window on the left contains a table of contents for the Guide. To view a department, click on its name. Your browser will then download that page for viewing. At any time, you can use your up (?) and down (?) arrow keys on your keyboard to browse back or forward. You may encounter a slight delay as your browser retrieves the page to which you are going.


  3. Download the file to your computer
    On a Macintosh: Click on the PDF file link and hold your mouse button down for about two seconds. This will bring up the pop-up menu. Select "Save this Link As..." This will allow you to name the file and place it in a folder of your choosing. If you have System 7.5 or above, you can click and drag the PDF file link to your Finder desktop. This will also download the file.
    On Windows 95/NT: Click on the PDF file link with the right mouse button. This will bring up the pop-up menu. Select "Save this Link As..." This will allow you to name the file and place it in a folder of your choosing.

The Course Guide in PDF

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