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Courses in English Translation

Foreign Literature and Culture    

In the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, courses in foreign literature and culture are taught in a number of departments and programs, and the courses work with texts in more than forty languages. These departments and programs also offer literature and culture courses which use texts translated into English in order to make these works available to all students.

The LS&A Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education has prepared the following list to assist students interested in electing courses that focus on foreign literature and culture in English translation. What follows is a list of such courses offered in LS&A for the Spring and Summer Half-Terms, 1998. Courses that earn Humanities credit are so designated. Please consult the departmental and program listings in this Course Guide for course descriptions and further information.

This list is subject to change by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.

Spring Half-Term, 1998

Asian Languages and Cultures

Japanese 250. Undergraduate Seminar in Japanese Culture. (3). (HU).

South & Southeast Asia 225/Rel. 225. Hinduism. (3). (HU).

Classical Studies

Classical Civilization 372. Sports and Daily Life in Ancient Rome. (3). (HU).

Great Books

201. Great Books of the Ancient World. (4). (HU).


225/S&SEA 225. Hinduism. (3). (HU).

Residential College

Humanities 485. Special Drama Topics. (1-2). (Excl).

Summer Half-Term, 1998

Asian Languages and Cultures

Chinese 250. Undergraduate Seminar in Chinese Culture. (3). (HU).

Great Books

201. Great Books of the Ancient World. (4). (HU).

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