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Spring/Summer '99 Course Guide

Courses in RC Interdivisional (Division 867)


Spring Half-Term, 1999 (May 3 June 22, 1999)
Spring/Summer Term, 1999 (May 3 August 17, 1999)
Summer Half-Term, 1999 (June 28 August 17, 1999)

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Spring Half-Term

Spring/Summer Term

Summer Half-Term

Spring Half-Term Courses

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Most RC courses are open to LS&A students and may be used to meet distribution requirements. In most instances, RC students receive priority for RC course waitlists.

RC sections of LS&A Courses

These sections will be letter graded for all students Math 115 Section 110 Analytical Geometry & Calculus. See Math 115.

RC Interdiv. 350. Special Topics.

Section 101 (1 credit).

Instructor(s): Caolyn Balducci (

Prerequisites & Distribution: Concurrent enrollment in an associated course. (1-2). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit. May be repeated for a total of six credits.

Mini/Short course

Credits: (1-2).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

See the description for RC IDIV 351.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: No Data Given.

RC Interdiv. 351. Special Topics.

Section 101 Puppetree Project

Instructor(s): Carolyn Balducci (

Prerequisites & Distribution: (2). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit. May be repeated for a total of eight credits.

Credits: (2).

Course Homepage:

"The Puppetree Project" is a performance collaborative for students wishing to gain experience in puppetry design and performance. In partnership with the Nichols Arboretum and Matthei Botanical Gardens, The Puppetry Project intends to develop and perform plays for young audiences about the environment. In spring 1999, The Puppetree Project will produce "Old Rat's Promise" a Sardinian folktale about reforestation, adapted by Carolyn Balducci. Deborah Gibson, puppeteer and designer, will facilitate the design, creation and manipulation of marionettes, rod and shadow puppets. Through research and design, student-puppeteers and artist-consultants will study and discuss puppetry as well as environmental issues and Sardinian culture. "Old Rat's Promise" illustrates how rapid deforestation destroys both the ecology and the economy of a region and shows that individuals and communities can somewhat reverse the effects through a coordinated reforestation effort.

Schedule: In May, the group will meet twice a week (TBA) to discuss readings, build puppets and rehearse the play. Participants should anticipate that starting June 1st, rehearsals will intensify and should plan accordingly. Performances will take place on SUNDAY JUNE 13th, 1999 at the Nichols Arboretum's "Arbfest" between noon and five o'clock.

Course requirements:
Attendance. Discussions. Rehearsals. Performance: June 13. Post-Production

Independent Research: Internet & Books & Articles (to be edited for the Program)
Puppetry Pages (access through
Landslides, mudslides, Deforestation. Reforestation.
The Island of Sardinia (Italian spelling, "Sardegna"); history; Sard ethnology and ethnomusicology; Nuraghe; flora and fauna. (Keywords: Sardinia, Sard, Sardegna)

Required Readings:
"Old Rat's Promise" (script).
Coursepack: Selections from A Self-Made Woman: The Life of Nobel Prize Winner Grazia Deledda; Antonio Gramsci, Letters from Prison; D.H.Lawrence, The Sea and Sardinia; etc.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: No Data Given.

Spring/Summer Term Courses

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Summer Half-Term Courses

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