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The 2000 LS&A Spring, Summer, Spring/Summer Course Guide

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Spring and Summer Half-Term 2000 Courses That Have Homepages

Introductory Pages of the Course Guide

Introduction To Course Listing Notations
Cost and Waitlist Information
Cautionary Note on Waitlists
Policy on Attendance

LS&A Calendars for Spring and Summer Terms, 2000

Foreign Literature and Culture Courses in English Translation

Study Abroad Opportunities

Spring and Summer Half-Term 2000 Courses That Have Homepages

Composition Requirement

Upper-Level Writing Courses
Race & Ethnicity (R&E) Courses
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Courses

Foreign Language Requirement

Less Commonly Taught Languages in the College at UM

Distribution Courses

Time Schedules

Final Exam Schedule

Special Opportunities

Biological Station, Pellston, MI
Geology in the Rockies, Camp Davis, Wyoming
New England Literature Program (University Record article, 1/21/98)

Summer Language Institute

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Course Descriptions (in Division Number Order)

Courses in Other Schools and College offering courses generating LS&A credit

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts does not grant credit toward graduation for any courses offered through the Officer Education Program except for those courses which are cross-listed in other academic units (effective September 1, 1971). These latter courses count as non-LS&A course work if the cross-listed offering falls outside LS&A academic departments or programs.

Links to course descriptions for other schools and colleges

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