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Spring/Summer 2001 Course Guide

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Courses in Classical Civilization

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Spring Half-Term, 2001 (May 1 June 22)
Spring/Summer Term, 2001 (May 1 August 17)
Summer Half-Term, 2001 (June 27 August 17)

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Spring Half-Term

Spring/Summer Term

Summer Half-Term

Spring Half-Term Courses

Wolverine Access Subject listing for CLCIV

Spring Term '01 Time Schedule for Classical Civilization

CLCIV 372. Sports and Daily Life in Ancient Rome.

Section 101.

Instructor(s): David S Potter (

Prerequisites & Distribution: (3). (HU).

Foreign Lit

Credits: (4; 3 in the half-term).

Course Homepage:

The amphitheater full of gladiators, the circus full of chariots (with or without Charleton Heston) are among the most abiding images of Roman, and perhaps, any western culture. The Olympic games were as much a Roman institution as they were Greek indeed the Roman empire was the first great age of public entertainment. But what did it all mean? How is entertainment related to the interests of society as a whole? These are two of the questions that we will explore through a discussion of the place of Roman entertainment in Roman society. We will start by looking at the broad structures of Roman life, and then move through the diverse entertainments of the Romans from athletic events to the theater, from chariot racing to public execution, beast hunts, and gladiators. Readings include selections from ancient authors and from recent scholarship.

Textbooks are available at Shaman Drum, the Course packs (one of sources, one of modern readings) from Accu-Copy. The final grade will be the two hour exams, quizzes in section, homework assignments, and section participation.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: 2 Waitlist Code: 4

Spring/Summer Term Courses

Wolverine Access Subject listing for CLCIV

Spring/Summer Term '01 Time Schedule for Classical Civilization

Summer Half-Term Courses

Wolverine Access Subject listing for CLCIV

Summer Term '01 Time Schedule for Classical Civilization

Graduate Course Listings for CLCIV.


This page was created at 6:51 PM on Fri, Jul 27, 2001.

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