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Spring/Summer 2001 Course Guide

Natural Science Distribution Courses for Spring/Summer 2001

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Spring Half-Term Courses

ANTHRBIO 297. Topics in Biological Anthropology. (3). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 162. Introductory Biology. (5). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 215. Spring Flora of Michigan. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 125. General and Inorganic Chemistry: Laboratory. (2). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 130. General Chemistry: Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles. (3). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

CHEM 210. Structure and Reactivity I. (4). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 211. Investigations in Chemistry. (1). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 215. Structure and Reactivity II. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 216. Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Compounds. (2). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 230. Physical Chemical Principles and Applications. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 260. Chemical Principles. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 100. Coral Reefs. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 125. General Physics: Mechanics and Sound. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 126. General Physics: Electricity and Light. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 127. Mechanics and Sound Lab. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 128. Electricity and Light Lab. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 140. General Physics I. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 141. Elementary Laboratory I. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 240. General Physics II. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 241. Elementary Laboratory II. (1). (NS). (BS).

STATS 350(250/402). Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

Summer Half-Term Courses

ANTHRBIO 161. Introduction to Biological Anthropology. (4). (NS). (BS).

ANTHRBIO 297. Topics in Biological Anthropology. (3). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 281. General Ecology. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 116. Introductory Geology in the Field. (8). (NS). (BS).

PSYCH 442. Perception, Science, and Reality. (3). (NS). (BS).

STATS 350(250/402). Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).


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