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BE 440 — Risk Management and Insurance
Section 001, LEC

Instructor: Huntington,Curtis E; homepage

WN 2007
Credits: 3
Reqs: ULWR, BS

Background and Goals: This course is designed to allow students to explore the insurance mechanism as a means of replacing uncertainty with certainty. A main goal of the course is to explain, using mathematical models from the theory of interest, risk theory, credibility theory and ruin theory, how mathematics underlies many important individual and societal problems.

Content: We will explore how much insurance affects the lives of students (automobile insurance, social security, health insurance, theft insurance) as well as the lives of other family members (retirements, life insurance, group insurance). While the mathematical models are important, an ability to articulate why the insurance options exist and how they satisfy the consumer's needs are equally important. In addition, there are different options available (e.g. in social insurance programs) that offer the opportunity of discussing alternative approaches. This course may be used to satisfy the LSA upper-level writing requirement.

Alternatives: none Subsequent Courses: none

Advisory Prerequisite: MATH 115, junior standing, and permission of instructor.

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