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CICS 401 — International Studies Advanced Seminar
Section 001, SEM
Urbicide: Violence Against the City

Instructor: Herscher,Andrew H; homepage

WN 2007
Credits: 3

Credit Exclusions: CICS 401 can be counted only once for credit toward the Academic Minor in International Studies.

During the wars in Bosnia and Croatia in the 1990s, the term "urbicide" emerged to describe violence aimed specifically at cities. Using case studies in ex-Yugoslavia, Israel/Palestine, Zimbabwe, Iraq and the United States, this seminar will study urbicide as a form of political violence, mode of urbanism, subject of textual and visual representation, and product of cultural ideology.

In the seminar, we will investigate such questions as:

  • What continuities underlie urban destruction in war and in processes sanctioned as "modernization," "urban renewal," and "reconstruction"?
  • How can the interpretive tools of architecture and urbanism be applied to violence against buildings and cities?
  • How does the textual and visual representation of urbicide shape its effects and remembrance?
  • How do testimonies, diaristic accounts, visual documentation and reportage differ as modes of witnessing violence such as urbicide?

Course material will include theoretical readings on space and violence; narrative accounts of urban destruction; photographic documentation; and film and video. As well as providing students with an introduction to the particular subject of urbicide, the course will also introduce students to a set of more general issues, including the theorization of the city; the visual and textual representation of violence; the problematics of witnessing; and the city as a site of visual and textual production.

Enforced Prerequisites: Jr >

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