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DOC 848 — Psychosocial Factors in Mental Health and Illness
Section 001, SEM

WN 2007
Credits: 1.5

Selected advanced topics including problems of diagnosing psychopathology through community surveys, psychosocial predictors of mental illness, primary prevention and coping with undesirable life events. This seminar brings together a multidisciplinary set of faculty and students from sociology, psychology, health behavior and health education, psychiatry, and epidemiology to present and discuss recent research on the social and psychological sources of mental and physical health. Substantively, the seminar will focus on the role of psychosocial and social structural factors in the etiology and course of health and illness, including the study of life events, chronic role strains, resources for adapting to potential stressors, and the actual process of coping and adaptation. The application of social epidemiology to problems of service utilization may also be considered.

Advisory Prerequisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.

DOC 870 — Democracy: Ethnography and Social Theory
Section 001, SEM
Democracy: Ethnography and Social Theory

WN 2007
Credits: 3
Other: Theme

This seminar offers new ways of viewing democracy by exploring the intersection of theoretical currents and ethnographic research. Students will read a series of rich ethnographic accounts on themes including participation, international aid organizations, globalization, social movements, and electoral processes. The ethnographies will also generate discussion about engaged research and the work of indigenous intellectuals. We will relate these accounts to theoretical currents including governmentality, hegemony, deliberative democracy, public sphere, civil society, and transnationalism. Readings will cover many parts of the world, and are intended to interest students working in the United States as well as internationally. Classes will primarily involve discussion of assigned texts. Requirements include active participation in class discussion, a presentation of the readings (one week), weekly on-line response papers, and final essay or take-home exam.

Advisory Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or permission of instructor

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