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IMMUNO 440 — Immunology
Section 001, LEC

Instructor: Moore,Thomas A

WN 2007
Credits: 3
Reqs: BS

This upper-level course will provide a broad overview of the rapidly advancing field of modern immunology in both the basic and clinical sciences. Topics to be covered include: Cells and Organs of the Immune System, Generation of T-Cell and B-Cell Responses, Immune Effector Mechanisms (including cellular and antibody-mediated responses), and The Immune System in Health and Disease (including AIDS and other immuno-deficiencies, immune responses to infectious diseases, vaccines, transplantation and cancer immunology and autoimmunity). Lectures will emphasize experimental and clinical observations to highlight key concepts. Course will utilize lecture and textbook based learning complemented with web-based online resources directly linked to textbook, including chapter-by-chapter study guides, animations and molecular visualizaiton of key concepts, and clinical case studies. Upon completion of this course, students will possess a solid understanding of immunological principles and concepts as they are applied to a growing cross-section of both the basic and clinical sciences.

Advisory Prerequisite: BIOLOGY 207 and one of the following: BIOLOGY 310 or 311 or BIOLCHEM 451 or CHEM 451.

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