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MEDCHEM 502 — Chemical Biology II
Section 001, SEM

Instructor: Mapp,Anna K; homepage
Instructor: Gestwicki,Jason Edward
Instructor: Smith,William L

WN 2007
Credits: 3
Reqs: BS

This course is a continuation of CHEMBIO 501. The basic concepts obtained in CHEMBIO 501 will be applied to and demonstrated in three broad areas of interest to both chemists and biologists. The first topic will discuss combinatorial methods including SELEX and gene shuffling, combinatorial organic synthesis, high throughput screening and chemical genetics. The second topic will focus on signal transduction, emphasizing general concepts (at the molecular level) and how small molecules have been used to probe and modulate signal transduction pathways. The final topic will cover protein translation, stressing mechanistic aspects of protein synthesis and folding in vivo.

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