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NURS 220 — Perspectives in Women's Health
Section 001, LEC

Instructor: Low,Lisa K; homepage

WN 2007
Credits: 3
Reqs: SS, RE

In this course we will examine women's health issues, across the lifespan, from feminist and socio-cultural perspectives. We will explore the social construction of women's sexuality, reproductive options, health care alternatives, and risks for physical and mental illness. Attention will be paid to historical, economic, and cultural factors, which influence the physical, biological, and psychological well-being of women.

NURS 570 — Phil of Science
Section 001, LEC

Instructor: Joyce,James M; homepage

WN 2007
Credits: 3 — 4

This course offers upper-level undergraduates and beginning graduate students a broad overview of the philosophy of science. It seeks to clarify the nature of the "scientific method" and to explain its great success. Topics to be covered include: the processes by which scientific hypotheses are confirmed by empirical data evidence, the nature of scientific laws and their role in explanation, the logical and semantic structure of scientific theories, the realism/instrumentalism debate concerning the ontological statue of the unobservable entities and processes that science postulates, the objectivity of science, the distinction between science and non-science. Students will be asked to read about 40 pages of material per week, to write two 10-12 page papers and to take a midterm examination and a final.

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