Theme Semester, Winter Term, 1980

Experiment In Education: The Eighteenth-Century Semester

During Winter Term, 1980, faculty members in LSA and the School of Music will be joining together in a program designed to spur interest in eighteenth-century history, literature, philosophy, art, and music. The concept is simple. A loosely affiliated cluster of courses will be offered by the Departments of English, Germanic Languages, History, History of Art, Philosophy, Romance Languages, and Music History. Although students may, as in any term, elect a single one of these courses, the hope is that they will pursue at least two related areas simultaneously and thus gain a broader perspective of the period.

To enrich these academic offerings focusing on the eighteenth-century, a large number of collateral activities will run throughout the term. The Department of Theatre and Drama as part of its Guest Artist Series will present William Leach in John Vanbrugh's comedy of mistaken identities and adulterous adventure, The Relapse. The Museum of Art will sponsor a concert of eighteenth-century music directed by Professor Ellwood Deft of the School of Music, and Ars Musica, Ann Arbor's nationally known baroque ensemble, will present three concerts in the Michigan League. Classic and more popular films on eighteenth-century themes will also be shown at various times during the term. The Museum of Art, the Clements Library, and the Graduate Library Rare Book Room will organize exhibits from their eighteenth-century collections. In addition, the Clements Library will sponsor a series of lectures by distinguished Enlightenment scholars, and several academic departments have also invited guest speakers in this area. Together the academic courses and these related cultural events provide an unparalleled opportunity for members of the University community to immerse themselves in the history and culture of this period.

Specific courses identified with the eighteenth-century semester include the following: English 415 (Coles), English 459 (Lavine), French 482 (O'Meara), German 333 (Schelle), History 397 (Vann), History of Art 475 (Huntington), Music History 421 (Sisman), Music History 405 (Taylor), and Philosophy 389 (Loeb). There will also be other eighteenth-century courses offered during the Winter Term, and students are urged to consider these in addition to the ones listed above. For information about individual courses and prerequisites, contact the professors listed above or Steven Lavine (1629 Haven Hall), the coordinator of the program. During the Early Registration period, check the kiosks and LS&A Course Guide for further information.

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