Courses in Film and Video Studies (Division 368)

399. Independent Study. Permission of instructor. (1-4). (Excl). (INDEPENDENT). May be repeated for credit.

Directed research under supervision of a faculty member associated with the Program in Film/Video Studies. For more information, contact the Film and Video Studies Office (764-0417).

Other Film-Video courses.

The following are offered during Winter Term, 1982, and are among those which can be used as part of a concentration plan in Film-Video Studies. For more information about these courses consult this Guide :
English 411, Art of the Film;
English 413, Studies in Film Genre;
French 410, Le cinema français;
Residential College Humanities 456, Video Production Seminar: Autobiography and Documentary;
Slavic Languages and Literatures 312, Slavic and East European Cinema.

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