Courses in Near Eastern and North African Studies (Division 440)

490. Proseminar on Iran, Turkey and the Gulf. (3). (SS).

This course, the first of a two-part series, is devoted to an overview of Iranian, Turkish, and Gulf history, society and politics. It is coordinated by faculty members specializing in these areas. The purpose of the course is to ensure student familiarity with the basic issues and problems in Near Eastern Studies. It is intended to provide students with an introduction to the concepts and methods familiar to scholars working in the field and thus draws on a wide array of Near East Center faculty members who represent a variety of sub-areas, historical periods, and academic disciplines. The course will be organized into weekly units, consisting of two lectures, plus one discussion which may at times be devoted to an audio-visual presentation or a visiting lecturer of special interest. Students will be graded on a midterm, final exam, critical book reviews (undergraduates) and a paper (graduates). (Luther and Green)

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