Courses in Russian and East European Studies (Division 468)

171, 172/Slavic 171, 172. First-Year Armenian. REES 171 is prerequisite to REES 172. (4 each). (FL).

See Slavic Linguistics 172. (Harlan)

271, 272/Slavic 271, 272. Second-Year Armenian. REES 171 or equivalent is prerequisite to 271; REES 271 is prerequisite to 272. (4 each). (FL).

See Slavic Linguistics 272. (Harlan)

396/Econ. 396/Pol. Sci. 396/Slavic 396/Hist. 333. Survey of Eastern Europe. (4). (SS).

This course is intended to provide an overview of the historical development of Eastern Europe as well as an introduction to contemporary economic, social, political and cultural forces affecting the Eastern European states. The intent is to demonstrate the particular characteristics of Eastern Europe as a region in contrast to Western Europe and the Soviet Union. The course may be elected for credit in the Center for Russian and East European Studies or in the economics, history, political science or Slavic Languages and Literatures departments. It may also be taken for extension credit. The course requires an in-class midterm and a take-home final, and occasionally, a short paper. (Gitelman)

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