Microbiology Courses (Division 540)

401/Biol. 401. General Microbiology. Biochemistry (Biol. 411 or Biol. Chem. 415); preceded or accompanied by Biol. 305. (5). (NS).

See Biology 401. (Helling, Neidhardt)

505/Biol. 505. Pathogenic Microorganisms. A course in general microbiology and biological chemistry. Open to undergraduates and graduate students. (3). (NS).

Lectures are designed to present the special biology of pathogenic bacteria. A general survey approach is combined with an in-depth examination of the molecular biology of agents of disease produced by bacteria, especially their toxins. Textbook assignments are supplemented by articles from scientific literature (Reserve Book Room). Three examinations using several types of objective questions and designed to challenge the problem solving ability of the student are given. (Harvie)

513/Biol. 513. Microbial Genetics. Microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, and permission of instructor. (4). (NS).

See Biology 513. (Helling and Bender)

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