Environmental Studies Courses (Division 366)

The Environmental Studies Program is designed to complement a student's training in a particular discipline. It is not a concentration program although it is possible for a student to work out the equivalent of a major in environmental studies through the College's Individual Concentration Program. Interested students may contact Professor Stephen Kaplan, Director, 3418 Mason Hall (764-0426). The Environmental Studies Program currently consists of several environmental studies courses, providing three different levels of educational experience, plus a number of regular departmental courses cross-listed as Environmental Studies courses.

The first course level within the program consists of Environmental Studies 320. This lecture/discussion course is not so much concerned with particular environmental problems and solutions but instead is designed to provide an understanding of why such problems exist and what contributions the several disciplines can make toward the solution of the complex issues which these problems raise. It thus provides a rational view of the environmental concerns of the day. Environmental Studies 320 is not generally recommended to Freshmen.

The second level of courses in the program provides a variety of perspectives from which to view and analyze areas of environmental concern. The exact nature of the courses offered on this level depends upon the individual or group of individuals teaching each course, and the topics vary from term to term.

The third level of course work includes Environmental Studies 420 and 421 and is designed to provide the student, who has acquired a sound background in environmental studies through course work from the two lower levels of courses and through work in other departments and schools, with an opportunity to study, a particular environmental issue. It is the responsibility of the student to consider carefully a plan of study, to find others who might wish to work with him or her, and to attempt to find a faculty member to supervise the work.


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