Medieval and Renaissance Collegium (MARC) Courses (Division 430)

375/Germ. 375/Rel. 375. Celtic and Nordic Mythology. (3). (HU).

See Religion 375. (Beck)

417/RC Humanities 417. Epic and Saga. (4). (HU).

See RC Humanities 417. (Clark)

423. Early and High Middle Ages: Thematic Studies III. (3-4). (HU). May be elected for credit more than once.

The course is open to students from all areas. No knowledge of a foreign language is required, but students with such knowledge are free to read the assigned works in the foreign tongue. The nature of the course is twofold and comparative. It proposes (a) to explore a number of early historical writings in order to ascertain a set of roles attributed to the female participant in medieval life, and (b) to compare the findings with the female characters of representative works of medieval literature. As to history, the investigation will cover the works from Tacitus to the Danish historiographer Saxo Grammaticus (ca. 100-1200). Individual assignments will focus their attention on the history of one people such as the Goths, the Langobards, and the Franks on the continent, or the Angles and the Britons on the British Isles. As to literature, the genres to be discussed will include heroic poem, Christian legend, and fabliau-type short story as well as experimental and courtly romance. Aspects to be treated are, for instance: women of different social strata and educational backgrounds: the female hero and the female felon; love and its ramifications of marriage, temptation, and cruelty. The course grade will be determined on the basis of class participation and term paper. (Scholler)

441/Latin 436. Medieval Latin II, 900-1350 A.D. Two years of college Latin or the equivalent. (4). (HU).

A detailed study of an author, period, or genre of later Mediaeval Latin literature, to be decided upon in consultation with students enrolled. Two years of college Latin or equivalent. MARC 440/Latin 435 is not a prerequisite. Midterm, final, and paper. (Witke)

443/German 444. Medieval German Literature in English Translation. Junior standing or permission of instructor. (3). (HU).

See German 444. (Scholler)

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