Courses in American Institutions (Division 316)

The Program in American Institutions an interdisciplinary, non-concentration program in LSA for all liberal arts students. The program complements existing concentrations to enhance students' understanding of economic, political and social institutions in this country, how they developed, and how they compare to those in other countries. The courses are a collaborative effort between faculty from History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Business Administration, Law, the Institute for Social Research, and the Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations.

450/Poli. Sci. 438. Ethics and Public Policy. (4). (SS).

This course will explore the ethical issues raised by a variety of public policy. After some initial discussion of ethical theories and of the relationship between ethics and politics, we will consider three topics: evaluation techniques such as benefit-cost analysis; restrictions on individual liberty; and issues of equal treatment. Classes will combine lectures about the various concepts and classroom discussions of particular policies. In addition to a course pack, the following books will be used: Fred Feldman, INTRODUCTORY ETHICS; John Rawls, A THEORY of JUSTICE; Douglas Rae, EQUALITIES; Bernard Crick, IN DEFENSE of POLITICS. There will be approximately eight writing assignments during the term. There will be no exams. (Chamberlin)

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