World Literature in Translation

In addition to courses in the department of English, several other departments and programs in the College offer literature courses which require no knowledge of a foreign language. These courses earn Humanities distribution credit. What follows is a list of such courses offered in LSA for the Winter Term, 1988. Descriptions may be found in the appropriate places in this COURSE GUIDE.

Asian Languages and Cultures: Chinese 472 and 475; Japanese 402.

Classical Civilization 102, 303, and 473.

Comparative Literature 241 and 424.

Germanic Languages and Literatures: Dutch 492; German 320, 442, and 444.

Great Books 192, 202, 221, 294, and 296.

MARC 402 and 411.

Near Eastern Studies: General Near East 435 and 446.

Residential College Humanities 386 and 417.

Romance Languages and Literatures: Italian 412 and 419; and Spanish 331.

Slavic Languages and Literatures:

Russian 450 and 452; Czech 484; and Polish 426.

Theatre and Drama 322.

University Course 150, Sections 001 and 002.

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