MARC Courses (Division 430)

211/History 211. Later Middle Ages, 1100-1500. (4). (SS).

See History 211. (Hughes)

375/Germ. 375/Rel. 375. Celtic and Nordic Mythology. (3). (HU).

See Religion 375. (Beck)

402. Late Medieval Period. (3). (HU).

For Winter 1989, this course is jointly offered with History of Art 547. (Eisenberg)

411. Special Topics. (1-3). (Excl).

Section 001 FROM MANUSCRIPT TO BOOK. In the ages before the invention of printing each copy of every written work, whether letter, poem, court document, or theological treatise, had to be painstakingly copied by hand on wax tablets or papyrus or, in the medieval period, on parchment. This course offers an introduction to the physical history of medieval western literature. We will discuss the preparation of parchment and ink for writing, scribal training and practice, varieties of medieval handwriting, and the copying and transmission of texts, then examine a fifteenth-century Middle English text ("The History of Adam and Eve") that survives in ten manuscripts. Class members will jointly edit an extended passage from this text, transcribing the manuscript readings, collating the manuscripts, exploring the historical relationship among the manuscripts, choosing a preferred text, and developing a critical edition appropriate for publication as a book. No special background is necessary. Students will be evaluated on the basis of several short papers and their work on the joint editorial project. The method of instruction will combine lecture, discussion, and hands-on learning. (Dutton)

Section 002 Shakespeare on the Stage. For Winter Term, 1989, this course is jointly offered with RC Hums. 381. (M. Walsh)

414/Hist 412. Social and Intellectual History of the Florentine Renaissance. (3-4). (HU).

See History 412. (Becker)

420. Comparative and Thematic Studies of Medieval Culture III. (3-4). (HU). May be elected for credit more than once.

For Winter Term, 1989, this course is jointly offered with RC Hums 310. (Sowers)

440/Latin 435. Medieval Latin I, 500-900 A.D. Two years of college Latin or the equivalent. (3). (HU).

See Latin 435. (Witke)

455/English 455. Medieval English Literature. (3). (HU).

See English 455. (Lenaghan)

457/English 457. Renaissance English Literature. (3). (HU).

See English 457. (English)

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