172/Slavic Ling. 172. First-Year Armenian. Armenian 171 or equivalent. (4). (LR).
See Armenian 172 in the Slavic Department listing. (Toumajan)

272/Slavic Ling. 272. Second-Year Armenian. Armenian 271 or equivalent. (4). (LR).
See Armenian 272 in the Slavic Department listing. (Toumajan)

280. The Works of William Saroyan. (3). (Excl).
This course is jointly offered with English 482, Section 003. A special one-term course will be taught Winter Term, 1992 on the life and writings of William Saroyan, the Armenian-American playwright and novelist. The course aims to explore Saroyan's major writings in four genres: fiction, play, novel and memoir. His deepest concerns will be explored: the search for true identity, the place of the Armenian in America, the purpose of art. Saroyan's unique contribution to American prose style and his influence on writers such as Jack Kerouac will be discussed. Attention will be paid to biography as well as to Saroyan's place in the history of Armenian literature and culture. Students will be asked to write various essays on aspects of their work in class, and to explore individual interests in depth. (Calonne)

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