Courses in Geography (Division 374)

201/Geology 201. Introductory Geography: Water, Climate, and Man. (4). (NS).
See Geological Sciences 201. (Opdyke)

310/RC Social Science 310. Food, Population, and Energy. Sophomore standing or permission of instructor. (4). (Excl).
See RC Social Science 310. (Larimore)

415. Geography of the Soviet Union. (2). (Excl).
The objective of the course is a survey both of the general characteristics of the Soviet Union, including its European and Asiatic parts: physical features, agriculture, transportation, industry, population characteristics and a regional survey of each of the major components of the USSR. Specific attention will be devoted to issues relating to the proposed Siberian rivers diversion and to the ecological damage to the Aral Sea. Besides optional reading, requirements include a paper and a final exam. Cost:2: WL:1

591. Research and Special Work in Human Geography. Permission of instructor. (3). (Excl). (INDEPENDENT). May be repeated for credit.
Section 001: The Geography of North America Through Its Literature.
This seminar will examine the way in which the continent and particularly the United States have been cognized and described by many authors in their literary works and how such depictions have influenced our attitudes towards the environment, development and conservation, minorities, and politics. It will begin with historical views historical views by non-citizens (e.g. Dickens' in Martin Chuzzlewit), as well as modern accounts by travelers (Blue Highways, Travels with Charlie, Out West ), before focusing upon regional examples (Pacific NW: The Winds of Morning, Never a Greater Need, Florida: The Yearling, the Plains: The Virginian, My Antonia, The Southwest: The Man Who Killed the Deer, The Skinwalkers ). This list is not intended to be comprehensive. Paper and a class report on a region and/or period of the student's choice. Limit 10; time by arrangement. (Kolars)

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