Courses in Physiology (Division 580)

502. Human Physiology. Biol. 152-154 , or 195 (or the equivalent), and a course in biochemistry (Biol. 441 or Biol. Chem. 415), and permission of instructor. No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in Physiol. 101. (4). (Excl).
This is a graduate-level course for professional students in the health care sciences. However, the course is also open to advanced undergraduates, who have taken the appropriate prerequisite courses. Human physiology is the study of the dynamic processes that are the basis of normal human bodily functions. The course presents the basic functions of cells, tissues, and organs, their underlying physical and chemical mechanisms, and their integration and coordination to maintain a stable environment within the body. Examinations are of the multiple-choice format. The textbook is Human Physiology (fifth ed.) by Vander, Sherman, Luciano. The method of instruction by nine faculty of the Department of Physiology is lecture. Weekly conferences provide opportunity for further discussion and questions. Cost:NA WL:NA

541/Biology 541/Anatomy 541. Mammalian Reproductive Endocrinology. Permission of instructor. (4). (Excl).
See Biology 541.

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