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Winter Academic Term 2002 Course Guide

Avery and Jule Hopwood Awards in Creative Writing.

Under the terms of the will of Avery Hopwood, a member of the Class of 1905, the annual income from a generous endowment fund is distributed in prizes for creative work in four fields: dramatic writing, fiction, poetry, and the essay. The first awards were made in 1931, and today the Hopwood Program is proud to offer approximately $100,000 in prizes every year to young aspiring writers at the University of Michigan.

Competition is open to qualified students enrolled in any school or college of the University. Entrants must, however, be enrolled in a designated writing course elected through the Department of English Language and Literature, Residential College, Department of Communication Studies, or the Department of Theatre and Drama. The Hopwood Program also administers 17 other writing and prize competitions. For full information about the conditions of competition contact the Hopwood Program Associate, 1176 Angell Hall, (734) 764-6296, or visit the Hopwood Progam website at:

MANUSCRIPTS DUE no later than Tuesday, February 5, 2002 12:00 noon


COMM 774. Media Institutions.

COMM 783. Research Methods II.

COMM 799. Directed Study.

COMM 810. Seminar in Communication.

COMM 900. Preliminary Examination Preparation.

CSP 105. Reading and Writing Seminar: Insiders/Outsiders.

ECB 102. Writing Practicum.

ENGLISH 124. College Writing: Writing and Literature.

ENGLISH 125. College Writing.

ENGLISH 223. Creative Writing.

ENGLISH 225. Argumentative Writing.

ENGLISH 226. Directed Writing.

ENGLISH 227 / THTREMUS 227. Introductory Playwriting.

ENGLISH 229 / LHSP 229. Technical Writing.

ENGLISH 323. Creative Writing.

ENGLISH 325. Essay Writing: The Art of Exposition.

ENGLISH 327 / THTREMUS 327. Intermediate Playwriting.

ENGLISH 423. The Writing of Fiction.

ENGLISH 425. Advanced Essay Writing.

ENGLISH 426. Directed Writing.

ENGLISH 428. Senior Writing Tutorial.

ENGLISH 429. The Writing of Poetry.

ENGLISH 509. Language and Literature.

ENGLISH 572. Workshop in Writing Fiction.

ENGLISH 575. Workshop in Writing Poetry.

ENGLISH 579. Creative Writing-Poetry.

ENGLISH 675. Creative Writing Project.

FILMVID 310. Screenwriting.

FILMVID 311. Screenwriting for Television.

FILMVID 410. Screenwriting II.

FILMVID 417. Screenwriting Master Class.

FILMVID 427. Screenwriting III.

FILMVID 489. Senior Screenwriting Tutorial.

LHSP 125. College Writing.

LHSP 229 / ENGLISH 229. Technical Writing.

RCHUMS 220. Narration.

RCHUMS 221. The Writing of Poetry.

RCHUMS 242. Creative Adaptation: Fact Into Fantasy.

RCHUMS 322. Advanced Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults.

RCHUMS 325. Creative Writing Tutorial.

RCHUMS 326. Creative Writing Tutorial.

RCHUMS 425. Creative Writing Tutorial.

RCHUMS 426. Creative Writing Tutorial.

THTREMUS 227 / ENGLISH 227. Introductory Playwriting.

THTREMUS 327 / ENGLISH 327. Intermediate Playwriting.

THTREMUS 429. Playwriting Toward Production.

THTREMUS 430. Senior Playwriting Thesis.

Certain writing courses not listed below may also be used as qualifying courses. Check with the Hopwood Program Associate before the day of the deadline to determine course eligibility.

Honors Theses: Honors theses courses of at least 3 credits in all departments qualify for the Hopwood Contest.




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