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Winter Academic Term 2003 Course Guide

Creative Expression Distribution Courses for Winter Academic Term 2003

COMP 222. Composition. (3). (CE). Open and Available

ENGLISH 223. Creative Writing. (3). (CE).

ENGLISH 227 / THTREMUS 227. Introductory Playwriting. (3). (CE).

ENGLISH 323. Creative Writing. (3). (CE).

FILMVID 200. Introduction to Film, Video and Television Production. (3). (CE).

GERMAN 311. Performance Workshop in Nürnberger Fastnachtspiele. (1). (CE). Open and Available

LHSP 140. Arts and Humanities. (3). (CE).

RCARTS 269. Elements of Design. (4). (CE).

RCARTS 285. Photography. (4). (CE).

RCARTS 287. Printmaking. (4). (CE).

RCARTS 288. Introduction to Drawing. (4). (CE).

RCARTS 289. Ceramics. (4). (CE).

RCHUMS 220. Narration. (4). (CE).

RCHUMS 221. The Writing of Poetry. (4). (CE).

RCHUMS 242. Creative Adaptation: Fact Into Fantasy. (4). (CE).

RCHUMS 250. Chamber Music. (1-2). (CE). Open and Available

RCHUMS 253. Choral Ensemble. (1). (CE).

RCHUMS 350. Creative Musicianship. (4). (CE).

RCHUMS 351. Creative Musicianship Lab. (1-2). (CE).

THTREMUS 101. Introduction to Acting 1. (3). (CE).

THTREMUS 102. Introduction to Acting 2. (3). (CE).

THTREMUS 227 / ENGLISH 227. Introductory Playwriting. (3). (CE). Open and Available

THTREMUS 240(260). Introduction to Design. (3). (CE).

THTREMUS 242. Directing II. (3). (CE).

THTREMUS 245. Introduction to Stage Management. (2-3). (CE).

Courses in Non-LS&A Units offering courses with Creative Expression designation (Credits are counted as Non-LS&A)

NOTE: This list is not term specific. Courses listed below may not be taught in Winter Academic Term 2003. The list denotes ALL courses outside of LS&A that meet the Creative Expression distribution requirement.

Art and Design (ARTDES)

101. Ceramics I.
111. Painting I.
114. Drawing Mini-course.
115. Basic Drawing I.
116. Basic Drawing II.
121. Fibers: Introduction.
125. Basic Design I.
126. Basic Design II.
131. Graphic Design I.
161. Photography: Introduction.
191. Sculpture I.
254. Jewelry Casting.
261. Photography I.

Architecture (ARCH)

221. Introduction to Communication Skills.
202. Graphic Communication.
218. Visual Studies.

Performance - Piano (PIANO)

110. Performance.
111. Performance.

Dance (DANCE)

101. Introduction to Modern Dance.
102. Introduction to Modern Dance.
111. Introduction to Ballet.
112. Introduction to Ballet.
121. Introduction to Jazz Dance.
122. Introduction to Jazz Dance.
241. Afro-American Dance.

Ensemble (ENS): All Courses

Courses in other Music Performance SUBJECTS (viz., other than Piano Performance) may also be used for Creative Expression, but enrollment is restricted to students of advanced ability. Request forms for performance instruction are available at the Information Office, Room 2249, School of Music, North Campus.


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