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Winter Academic Term 2001 Course Guide

Natural Science Distribution Courses for Winter Academic Term 2001

AOSS 202. The Atmosphere. (3). (NS). (BS).

ANTHRBIO 161. Introduction to Biological Anthropology. (4). (NS). (BS).

ANTHRBIO 351. Bones, Stones, and Genes: The Origins of Modern Humanity. (4). (NS). (BS).

ANTHRBIO 362. Problems of Race. (3). (NS). (BS).

ANTHRBIO 364. Nutrition and Evolution. (4). (NS). (BS).

ANTHRBIO 365. Human Evolution. (4). (NS). (BS).

ASTRO 101. Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

ASTRO 102. Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

ASTRO 111. Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

ASTRO 112. Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

ASTRO 125. Observational Astronomy. (4). (NS). (BS).

ASTRO 127. Naked Eye Astronomy. (1). (NS).

ASTRO 160. Introduction to Astrophysics. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

BIOLOGY 102. Practical Botany. (4). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 108. Introduction to Animal Diversity. (4). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 109. Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Problem Solving. (3). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 118. AIDS and Other Health Crises. (4). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 120. First Year Seminar in Biology. (3). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 162. Introductory Biology. (5). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 255. Plant Diversity. (5). (NS). (BS).

BIOLOGY 281. General Ecology. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 105/AOSS 105. Our Changing Atmosphere. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 125. General and Inorganic Chemistry: Laboratory. (2). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 130. General Chemistry: Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles. (3). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

CHEM 210. Structure and Reactivity I. (4). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 211. Investigations in Chemistry. (1). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 215. Structure and Reactivity II. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 216. Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Compounds. (2). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 230. Physical Chemical Principles and Applications. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 241. Introduction to Chemical Analysis. (2). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 242. Introduction to Chemical Analysis Laboratory. (2). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 260. Chemical Principles. (3). (NS). (BS).

CHEM 302. Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure, Reactivity, and Function. (3). (NS). (BS).

CMPTRSC 380/EECS 380. Data Structures and Algorithms. (4). (NS). (BS).

GEOG 201/Geol. 201. Introductory Geography: Water, Climate, and Mankind. (4). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 100. Coral Reefs. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 103. Dinosaurs and Other Failures. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 106. Fossils, Primates, and Human Evolution. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 107. Volcanoes and Earthquakes. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 110. The History of the Oceans. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 111. Climate and Mankind. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 117. Introduction to Geology. (5). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 118. Introductory Geology Laboratory. (1). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 119. Introductory Geology Lectures. (4). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 120. Geology of National Parks and Monuments. (4). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 142(266). From Stars to Stones. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 145(269). Evolution of the Earth. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 147(271). Natural Hazards. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 148(272). Seminar: Environmental Geology. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 150(274). Dinosaur Extinction and Other Controversies. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 152(276). Coastal Systems and Human Settlements. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 153(278). Earthlike Planets. (3). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 201/Geography 201. Introductory Geography: Water, Climate, and Mankind. (4). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 205. How the Earth Works: the Dynamic Planet. (2). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 206. How the Earth Works: the Water Cycle and Environment. (2). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 207. How the Earth Works: A Hands-On Experience. (2). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 222. Introductory Oceanography. (3). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

GEOSCI 223. Introductory Oceanography, Laboratory. (1). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

GEOSCI 232. Earth Materials. (4). (NS). (BS).

GEOSCI 284. Environmental Geology. (4). (NS). (BS).

HONORS 252. Sophomore Seminar. (3). (NS).

PHYSICS 105. Origin, and Fate of Life, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 106. Everyday Physics. (3). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 125. General Physics: Mechanics and Sound. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 126. General Physics: Electricity and Light. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 127. Mechanics and Sound Lab. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 128. Electricity and Light Lab. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 140. General Physics I. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 141. Elementary Laboratory I. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 240. General Physics II. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 241. Elementary Laboratory II. (1). (NS). (BS).

PHYSICS 260. Honors Physics II. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 288. Physics of Music. (3). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

PHYSICS 290. Physics of the Body and Mind. (3). (NS). (BS). (QR/2).

PSYCH 121. First-Year Seminar in Psychology as a Natural Science. (3). (NS).

PSYCH 330. Introduction to Biopsychology. (4). (NS). (BS).

PSYCH 335. Introduction to Animal Behavior. (4). (NS). (BS).

PSYCH 340. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. (4). (NS). (BS).

PSYCH 341. Advanced Laboratory in Cognitive Psychology. (4). (NS). (BS).

PSYCH 345. Introduction to Human Neuropsychology. (4). (NS). (BS).

PSYCH 442. Perception, Science, and Reality. (3). (NS). (BS).

STATS 350(250/402). Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis. (4). (NS). (BS). (QR/1).

RCNSCI 260. Science and Societal Issues: The Immune System. (4). (NS). (BS).


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