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The Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) is part of the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LS&A). Like the Residential College and the Honors Program, CSP offers LS&A students a unique educational opportunity: to be a part of a community of scholars who plan, study, learn, share experiences, and work together toward academic excellence. CSP's offerings are intended to realize each student's potential, particularly in subject areas where the student's prior experience may have been limited but in which solid foundations are indispensable for future success. All LS&A students are eligible for any CSP course or service. However, students who are CSP "Program Affiliates" receive priority access to all CSP intensive course sections. Jointly with the relevant departments, CSP offers intensive "power" sections of major introductory courses.

105. Reading and Writing Seminar: Insiders/Outsiders. (4). (Excl).
This meets the Race or Ethnicity requirement. This course encourages student consideration of their own positions as "insiders" and "outsiders" in a pluralistic society. The readings, in particular the works of fiction, describe events that profoundly affect people in racially mixed communities. Reading about the lives of fictional characters who are acting at crucial times, the students will discuss and write about the events, relating them to their own lives and the lives of others. They will explore their own preconceptions and challenge their own attitudes. We will also explore the barriers created by class and gender. Students will write 4-5 page papers every other week; some will be discussed in conference; all will be submitted in revised form. The papers will include expository and personal experience essays and some in-class writings. The mid-term and final exams will require out of class essays based on the course work. Cost:3 WL:Enrollment by override available in CSP office, 1017 Angell Hall. (Zorn)

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