Winter 1994 Theme Semester: The Theory and Practice of Evil

Article from Michigan Today about the Theme Semester

The College of LS&A is pleased to announce the sponsorship bythe Program on Studies in Religion of a Theme Semester for Winter 1994 on "The Theory and Practice of Evil." A number of courses in the College of LS&A as well as in other Schools of the University have been especially designed to tie in with this thematic focus. Other special events, lectures, and activities are in the planning stages and will be announced as the information becomes available and also listed in the January issue of this Newsletter.

You may also contact for further information Dr. Astrid Beck in the Office of the Program on Studies in Religion, 445 West Engineering Building, 764-4475.


Theme Semester courses in the College of LS&A are listed below.

Full descriptions of these courses may be found in the Winter 1994 LS&A Course Guide which will be available after November 5th.

American Culture 490, American Film Genres: The Problem of Evil in American Culture (Eagle)

English 317-001, The Treatment of Evil in Literature and Film (Howes)

English 483-001, Primo Levi and the Memory of Auschwitz (Wil liams)

English 483-002, Evil in Late Shakespearean Drama (McNamara)

Film and Video Studies 413-002, Studies in Film Genres: Evil in the Cinema (Konigsberg)

Germanic Languages and Literatures, German 442, Faust and the Faust Legend (Amrine)

History 216, World War I: The War that Redefined War (Marwil)

History 386, History of the Holocaust (Endelman)

Near Eastern Studies, Ancient and Biblical Studies 283/Religion 283, Jewish and Christian and Apocalypse and Evil (Boccaccini)

Physics 214, Physicists and the Bomb (Sanders)

Psychology 401-001, Doing and Resisting Evil Collectively: The Psychology of Social Movements (Landman)

Religion 404, The Theory and Practice of Evil in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (Williams)

Residential College Humanities 322, Evil in Children's Literature (Balducci)

Romance Languages and Literatures, French 460-003 (also MARC 402-001), Evil Individuals, Forms of Death, and the Dance of Death in Medieval Western Literature (Mermier)

Slavic Languages and Literatures, Slavic 490-002, Shostakovich and the Evils of Totalitarianism: Russian Culture under Stalin (Bartlett)

University Course 251-002, Perspectives on the Holocaust (Ginsburg)

Theme Semester courses include,

from the School of Education,
Division 201, course 642, The Evil "Other" (open to graduate students from any field) (Tice);

from the Law School,
course 809, The Legal Recognition of Evil (Vining); and

from the School of Music,
Music History and Musicology 605, Sacred Music of the Renaissance: Martin Luther and His Circle (open to undergraduates with permission) (D. Crawford).