Courses in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (DIVISION 241)

Although AOSS 202 is offered through the College of Engineering, the course is approved by LS&A to earn LS&A credits and may be used to meet Natural Science distribution requirements. Other Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences courses are listed in the COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BULLETIN, and in the Time Schedule as part of the offerings of the College of Engineering in the AOSS subsection and may be elected by LS&A students as a part of non-LS&A course work. These other courses do not help meet LS&A distribution requirements. Students who have a serious professional interest in the field should consult the department (2233 Space Research Building, 764-3335).

202. The Atmosphere. (3). (NS). (BS).

How human enterprise has been constrained by the atmosphere since the beginning of history and how humans have now begun to affect the atmosphere. Problems of pollution, changes in land use including destruction of natural habitats, population pressure, and climate change. There are two hours of lecture each week in conjunction with GS/AOSS/ES 123, Life and the Global Environment. The third hour is a seminar and discussion, concentrating on climate change and its influence on history and using as text Climate, History, and the Modern World, by H.H. Lamb. There will be frequent written assignments and a term paper. Instruction is by lectures, films, assigned readings, class discussions, and computer exercises. Grades are based on multiple choice examinations, written work, class participation, and frequent short quizzes. The lecture text is World Resources 1994-95, published by Oxford University Press. Cost:2 WL:1 (Walker)

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