A. It is critical that students attend classes from the beginning of the term. Even though students may be registered officially for a course, departments may give away a student's place in a course if the student does not attend:

* the first meeting of biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories

* the first meeting of English Composition Board courses

* either of the two meetings of English courses

* the first meetings of History 396 and 397

* any one of the first four meetings of language courses in the Romance Languages department

* the first two meetings of courses in other departments

At the same time, departments are not obligated to withdraw students officially from the course, even though the student has been informed that his/her place in a course has been taken away.

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their schedules and must be sure that all drops are processed through Touch-Tone Registration during the normal drop/add period.

B. Students are expected to attend classes regularly. When the instructor considers the number of absences excessive, that is, when a student's absence from a course endangers that student's satisfactory academic progress, the instructor may send a written report on the case to the appropriate advising office.

Concerted absence from any appointed duty by a class or by any number of students together will be regarded as improper conduct, and those participating in such action shall be liable to disciplinary action.

Members of athletic teams must present to each instructor, prior to each absence because of the membership on athletic teams, a written statement signed by the appropriate authority specifying the exact date of any such proposed absence.

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