As part of a special undergraduate initiative for first-and second-year students, the LS&A Dean's Office also sponsors a number of interdisciplinary courses that stretch across the traditional boundaries of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Housed in the University Courses Division (Division 495), these courses emphasize writing and critical thinking and may be used (as indicated) toward fulfillment of the Area Distribution requirements. These courses provide excellent opportunities to explore sundry fields in an innovative fashion.

This list is subject to change.

111/Soc. 111/AOSS 172/NR&E 111. Introduction to Global Change II. (4). (SS). (Killeen, Fahey)

175/Slavic Surveys 221. Armenia: Culture and Ethnicity. (3). (HU). (Bardakjian)

176/Russian 222. Russia Today. (4). (HU). (M. Makin)

177/Slavic Surveys 240. Introduction to Slavic Folklore. (3). (HU). (Stolz)

210. Perspectives on Careers in Medicine and Health Care. (4). (Excl). (Zorn)

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