Courses in Russian and East European Studies (REES) (Division 468)

396/Pol. Sci. 396/Slavic 396/Hist. 333/Soc. 393. Survey of East Central Europe. (4). (SS). Laboratory fee ($10) required.
Section 001 The Political Economy of Eastern Europe.
This course considers changes in Eastern Europe (with some attention to the former Soviet Union) since the end of Communist Party rule in 1989. It begins with a look at how socialism in these countries worked, covers the revolutions of 1989, and moves on to selected topics. These include: building a civil society, privatization, decollectivization, markets and consumption, changed gender relations, and the collapse of Yugoslavia. Readings include: Adam Hochschild's The Unquiet Ghost, Milan Kundera's Book of Laughter and Forgetting, and Christopher Bennet's Yugoslavias Bloody Collapse, parts of Janos Kornais' The Socialist System, as well as journal articles and unpublished papers. Requirements: Midterm and final exam, plus a report from an on-line news service. Cost:2 (Verdery)

410. Polish Culture. (1). (Excl). May be repeated for a total of two credits.
Section 001 Resource Management of the Baltic Sea.
This one credit course will explore the functioning of the Baltic ecosystem and Polish and international efforts to preserve and rejuvenate it. Topics covered in the course will include the physical geography and history of the Baltic Sea, environmental policy and cooperation in the Baltic region, biopolitics, and the Baltic marine ecosystem. Students will be required to attend lectures and write a 5-7 paper. Visiting Professor Szaniawska is Chairman of the Biology, Oceanography, and Geography Department at the University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland and a member of several international committees working to protect the Baltic Sea. Cost:1 (Szaniawska)

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