Winter '99 Course Guide

Courses in Modern Greek (Division 433)

Winter Term, 1999 (January 6-April 29, 1999)

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Greek (Modern) 102. Elementary Modern Greek, II.

Instructor(s): Despina Margomenou

Prerequisites & Distribution: Modern Greek 101. Graduate students should elect Modern Greek 502. (4). (LR).

Credits: (4).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

The course follows the same paidagogical scheme as Modern Greek 101, with classroom dialogues, non-competitive group games, and improvised scenarios. Instruction in more advanced grammar and syntax is effected through both formal methods and drills. By the end of the term students are exposed to approximately four-fifths of modern Greek grammar and syntax and are expected to be linguistically competent in a variety of everyday contexts. Grading is based on class participation, quizzes, a one hour midterm exam, and a final.

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Greek (Modern) 202. Second Year Modern Greek, II.

Instructor(s): Michael Fotiadis

Prerequisites & Distribution: Modern Greek 201. Graduate students should elect Modern Greek 504. (4). (LR).

Credits: (4).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

This is the final term of the Modern Greek language sequence, and students will be able to meet their language requirement. The course focuses on expanding vocabulary through reading more complex journalistic prose and literary texts (20th century poetry and prose) and discussion of those texts. Special attention is paid to the historical depth of the language through instruction in etymology. The proficiency gained by the end of the course should enable students to express themselves in Modern Greek on topics of interest ; students ought to be able to read, with dictionary help, all writing in Standard Modern Greek. Class tests, one midterm, and a final examination will participation, comprehensive determine the final grade.

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