Winter '99 Course Guide

Courses in Performing Arts Technology (Division 691)

Winter Term, 1999 (January 6-April 29, 1999)

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It is possible for LS&A students to elect a concentration program in music, and this program is described in the LS&A Bulletin. In addition, music courses are frequently elected by LS&A students not concentrating in Music. Courses in Music History/Musicology, Composition, and Music Theory are elected for LS&A credit. Some of these courses can be used in an area distribution plan. LS&A students may elect music PERFORMANCE courses for degree credit, but this credit counts toward the maximum twelve non-LS&A credit hours that can be applied toward an AB/BS degree or twenty non-LS&A credit hours that can be applied toward a BGS degree. Courses in Music History/Musicology, Composition, Music Theory, and Performing Arts Technology are listed in the Time Schedule under the School of Music.

The following courses count as LS&A courses for LS&A degree credit.

Perf. Arts Tech. 201. Microcomputers and Music.

Instructor(s): Bradley Bloom (, Erik Santos

Prerequisites & Distribution: Permission of instructor. (3). (Excl).

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

Students receive basic instruction in the use of microcomputers, synthesizers, and computer music software for composition and recording. Requires the ability to read music and some musical keyboard proficiency.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: No Data Given.

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