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Winter Term, 1999 (January 6-April 29, 1999)

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RC Nat. Sci. 260. Science and Societal Issues: The Immune System.

Section 001 Multiculturalism and Medicine

Instructor(s): Lucila Nerenberg (

Prerequisites & Distribution: Introductory science course. (4). (NS). (BS).

Theme Semester

Credits: (4).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

How do cultural differences affect medical care, public policy, and health outcomes? Can drama, literature, and the arts play a role in improving intercultural knowledge and skills?

Students are invited to actively use their own experiences and legacies to address these questions. Basic concepts of: pathophysiology, medical treatment, prevention, and access to health care will be reviewed. This will allow placing culture into a medical context. Speakers, videos, novels, and optional extracurricular events will be used to increase awareness of different perspectives. Discussion of readings, role playing, and group problem solving will provide an opportunity to integrate theory and real life.

We will focus on most frequent diseases, health delivery issues, and cultural strengths for the following populations: African American, Asian American, Native American, and Latino/as. A briefer overview of European, Arab, and Jewish American health issues will be included as well. There will be weekly reaction papers and two projects.

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