Fall 2014 Hours (starting September 9, 2014)

Friday-Monday: Noon - 8:00 pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 3:00 - 8:00 pm

Please note: The equipment room is closed during holidays and certain portions of the semester, these dates will be posted outside of the equipment room at least one week in advance.

Contacting us:
Film Equipment Room: 734-647-3578, 1423 North Quad
Joel Rakowski (dinoclub@umich.edu): 734-647-4136, 1423NQ

Note: Joel and Al are at North Quad Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm; however, we are frequently attending to classes or other business and cannot be relied upon to be available at all times during the day.

Throughout your career in film & video, you will interact with many equipment rental houses. We have put the following policies in place to help you develop skills in dealing with rented equipment and equipment vendors.

Equipment Pick Up

Our first priority is to help you have the most successful shoot possible. As with any equipment rental, you are responsible for thoroughly checking all equipment before you leave, ensuring that it is not only in proper working order, but also that you are fully knowledgeable about operating it.

• You must schedule an appointment to pick up your equipment. Call or stop by the room during open hours.
• It is strongly advised that you schedule at least one hour to pick up your equipment.
• You are also encouraged to load your first roll of film in the Film Equipment Room where one of the staff members can help you overcome any loading issues you might encounter.

Equipment Returns

• All equipment must be returned together. We will NOT accept partial equipment returns. If various members of your group have different pieces of equipment, it is your responsibility to coordinate with them to ensure that all of the equipment is brought back at the same time.
• Equipment must be returned during the hours listed above. Joel and Al will not accept equipment returns outside of those times.

Film Returns

• SAC 290: Your films are due in the Film Equipment Room by 4:00 PM on the Monday after your shoot weekend.
• SAC 400, 423 & Honors Students: Your films will be sent out to the lab on Tuesdays.
· To make the Tuesday shipment: your film must be canned and labeled in the film equipment room by Monday at 8pm.

Film Orders

• SAC 290 and 300 students do not need to order film.
• SAC 400, 423 and Honors students must order film at least one week in advance. It is possible to rush order film, but it costs significantly more to ship and increases the likelihood of error. We have seen MANY student productions be negatively affected by mis-processed rush orders – play it safe and plan ahead.

Equipment Problems

• Broken / Questionable Equipment – At the very first sign of potential equipment malfunction, you are encouraged to contact the Film Equipment Room. Most major camera problems start out as small camera problems that are easily fixed before they escalate into something more serious. Do yourself a favor and pay very close attention to your equipment and take care of problems before they take care of you. If the Equipment Room is closed, stop using the broken equipment and contact us as soon as we next open.
• Damaged Equipment – If something happens and equipment gets damaged, you must report it immediately. Equipment Room staff will give you further instruction based on the severity of the incident. NEVER try to hide damage to equipment. This only endangers you and future users. You are liable for equipment repair / replacement up to a certain amount, however, our first priority will be to provide you with operational replacement equipment (as available) in order to help you and your group complete your project.
• Lost or Stolen Equipment – Any equipment lost or stolen must be immediately reported to the Film Equipment Room and the Equipment Room staff will provide you with further instructions based on the severity of the incident and the projected cost involved in replacing the item. Call the police and file a report at the time and place of the incident if equipment was stolen.

SAC Film Equipment Available

16mm Scoopic film camera and accessories

16mm Arri-s film camera and accessories

Sony PMW-F3 S35 Digital Cinema Camera

Sony F3 Primes

Arri-SR II Super 16mm Film camera and accessories

Sound Devices 702 Digital Field Recorder

75mm 100mm & 150mm tripods available

Fresnel, open face, soft boxes, kino-flow light kits available

Dolly & jibs

And plenty of other accessories to help make your student films